Fast Track Completion of the Columbia Basin Project by 2022 - President Donald J Trump 2017
                   GLEN R STOCKWELL  PROMOTER OF  - Fast Track Completion of the Columbia Basin Project by 2022

 Thank You President Trump For Visiting my site on January 28, 2017!

America 1st from Day 1!
President Trump
This will be the 
Project & Challenge 
of Your Life!
Your Success will 
Go Down In Our Nation's 
History Books for ETERNITY!

Glen R Stockwell's
Total Project 
Financing Proposal
Initiated By: Executive Order
President Franklin D Roosevelt!
 Completed By: 3 Executive Orders President Donald J Trump! Republican

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Stump for Trump: song by Singin Sam Little
Trump for President in 2016

New 'No Labels' Movement Seeks Bipartisanship National Projects!
President Trump!
Endorsed by No Labels 2016!
 Current WA State No Labels Member
  Cathy McMorris Rodgers Future Member?

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Trace Adkins - Arlington.avi
Trace Adkins - Arlington

Sat, Feb 25, 2017 1:00 pm                                         

Glen R,

The People’s House is setting Americans free.
The bureaucrats are howling and the special interest groups are on red alert, but the will of the people is being done.
Let me explain …
In the closing months of the Obama Administration, federal bureaucrats unleashed a paper storm of new federal regulations – writing rules they knew would never pass muster with Congress.
We’re freeing American entrepreneurs and employers from cumbersome, unnecessary regulations that would cost millions of dollars and tens of thousands of jobs.
If you agree that the people – not the bureaucrats – should be in charge, then I need your support today.  
Since 1996, Congress has had the power to repeal sweeping federal regulations, but that power had been used successfully only once, in 2001 as the new Bush Administration came to the White House.
During the Obama Administration, we tried five times to block regulations, but were thwarted by presidential vetoes.
The rules and regulations during those eight years cost taxpayers over $890 billion, $24 billion of which occurred just in the last three weeks of 2016.
Finally, with a Republican in the White House, we are able to get results. As President Trump says, “We’re cutting regulations big league.”
Already the House has passed a half dozen resolutions to cancel new federal regulations on finance, natural resources, jobs, energy and health care.
The Congressional Review Act is a powerful tool since it stops the bureaucrats from writing new rules after Congress disapproves.
In the Constitutional tug-of-war between the executive branch, bureaucrats, and the People’s Congress, we have moved the marker towards democracy and citizen rule.
If you listen to the extreme environmentalists and no-growth liberals huffing and posting, you would think that war had been declared.  Yet, the truth is, our great Republic survived for 240 years without these meddlesome regulations and can certainly get along without them now.
Democrats have uniformly opposed our actions – but I am hopeful that over time they will see that both parties should oppose overreaching federal bureaucrats and unfettered executive power.
I believe in the Constitution – where all three branches of government balance each other and work together to ensure the people are in control.
The special interest groups are up in arms. The bureaucrats are bewildered and the Democrats in disarray.  Finally, the People’s House is on the march to the freedom all Americans deserve.


   The "Project Approach to Completion" has been                Wrong!  We need to "Understand WHY" so
    "We Correct Our Mistakes to Succeed"?!
The Problem to Completion of this began in 
1961 - 1964
If you don't understand 
My Comment it is the very Foundation to guarantee
The Success of Completing
This Project by 2022!
There are a lot of Mouths to Feed in 
China, Japan, India and the rest of the World!
Lets Balance Our Imbalances with Exports!

China need US more than we Need Them!
In 2011 

China started charging US Companies 

57% tariff 
on US Exports of poly silicon used in solar cells
All of these US exports have stopped!

China is WA State's largest trade partner, with more than 22% of WA Goods destine to China, and 21% of 
WA State's imports coming from China in 2015! 


President Trump 


President Trump rips 'dishonest media,' says administration runs like 'fine-tuned machine'                   CARRIE HEALEY, AOL.COM  Feb 16th 2017 2:33PM
ILLEGAL votes                           were cast in 2016 election
FEBRUARY 17, 2017
A new study has added significant weight to President Donald Trump’s claims on mass voter fraud in the 2016 general election.
A new report has concluded there could have been up to 2.1 million non-citizens that illegally cast a ballot last year — a startling number that backs up Trump’s claim that he won the popular vote.
January 30, 2017
While Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is off on his first official overseas trip, his top aides have been busy getting rid of Obama loyalist holdovers at the federal agency. The seventh floor staffers at the State Department, were Obama spies at the heart of his shadow government. (via CBS News)


BREAKING: Trump Fires Acting Attorney General For Refusing to Enforce ‘Extreme Vetting’ OrderRead more at
       January 30, 2017
President Donald Trump has fired acting Attorney General Sally Yates, making Dana Boente, the US Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia the new acting attorney general.
Yates was relieved of her post Monday, just hours after news broke that she was instructing Department of Justice lawyers not to defend the executive order. 


                           Trump Fires Them All,                          
Finds Spies Lurking in 1 Mind-Blowing Place
FEBRUARY 21, 2017 1:57 PM
(Angry Patriot Movement) – The swamp draining has begunWhat President Donald Trump found amid a mass firing spree is shocking!
While Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is off on his first official overseas trip, his top aides have been busy getting rid of Obama loyalist holdovers at the federal agency. The seventh floor staffers at the State Department, were Obama spies at the heart of his shadow government. (via CBS News)

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President Trump sign Executive Order That stopss Illegals From Using Welfare.
President Trump sign Executive Order That stopss Illegals From Using Welfare. The key word here is illegal folks. Why should they have benefits when our veterans and homeless are dying in the streets ...

President Trump here is an idea!..From.....Glen
Put Barry Soetoro in Prison in 2017!

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Arpaio Drops Nuclear Bomb On Obama! Birth Certificate100% Fraud! AG Sessions Will Investigate!
They found the source document! Game Over! This was all orchestrated! Trump knew this was coming and that’s why he stayed out of it! Arpaio was one of the first people Trump met with when he announced...
President Trump
Please Consider Reestablishing 
President John F Kennedy's 
Executive Order 11110
Removing the Federal Reserve's (Y ha Federal:) 

Exclusive Right to Print Our Nation's Money!

Let's Regain Total Control of 
Our Monetary/Banking System in 2017 
           Like Russian Patriot President Vladimir Putin             did for Russia!

Reinstate the Glass Steagall Act! 
The only time in US History 
the Patriot Act allows 
Our Nation's Money
to be printed by

Why Bridging the Political Divide Is More Important Than Ever
“…we as a people have to work together as a team because we are in hard times. I know if we do… we’ll continue to be the best nation in the world and accomplish goals none of us thought we could set.”

"A 2017 New Years Bipartisan Request to
President Trump
Cathy McMorris Rodgers
Senator Patty Murray
Governor Inslee
God Bless America and Put Christ in Christmas!
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Looks like this Desert (Above) needs Water! 
"Just Like the Farmers & Communities of Eastern WA"!

Only You Can
Complete it!

You Can Keep your Promise to the 
American Voters 


Social Security!

The other Republican Primary Candidates wanted to Change it, but you said 
"Not Me"! 

You can make 
Social Security Better as You Promised
Our National Social Security System has had Trillions of Dollars Stolen out of it 
and that is why it is depleted after 
President Lyndon B Johnson(Traitor)
opened up the trust account for Vietnam!
I have given a proposal to 
Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers
On Nov. 8th, 2016 
WA Senator Don Benton

3rd Tab on the left side!
on US Exports of polysilicon used in solar cells
"New Bipartisan Proposal
World Class Honest Donald Trump!
President Trump 

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