Fast Track Completion of the Columbia Basin Project by 2022 - President Donald J Trump 2017
                   GLEN R STOCKWELL  PROMOTER OF  - Fast Track Completion of the Columbia Basin Project by 2022

President Trump is Pledging 
to Return America to the People!
National Traitor
H.R. McMaster
US National Security Advisor is a 
Double Agent McMasters
Working for Soros!

Security Advisor McMaster Agrees: Soldiers Should Kiss Koran To Honor Muslims While Deployed
This Piece of Trash has to Go Immediately
President Trump!
CNN Says Russian News Story is Made up 
for Ratings!

Charlottesville Mayor 
Told Police
to Stand Down!
Prearranged by Soros, Clinton, Obama
Setup began in May 2017

Big National News 8/3/17
West Virgin's Governor
"Jimmy Justice"
Changes Parties and 
Becomes A Republican!
Trump, who won West Virginia by 42 percentage points over Democrat Hillary Clinton, campaigned on a promise to bring back coal jobs, an important industry in the state.  Coal Exports up by 60% Since Election!
US Stock Market at Record High 22,000!

President Trump 
& McConnell & Ryan & Other GOP Leaders
are not defending YOU!
President Trump's 
Ohio Rally
National Economic & Job Agenda


President Trumps GOP 
Ratings 82%!

A Man of 
His Word!

Ryan & McConnell are
Obstructing President Trump
America's Future!
McConnell & Ryan are
Deceiving the Public 
the Constitution, with their
One World Order Agenda! 
Republican Support For Congress Is The Lowest It's Been All Year  16%
9:36 PM, Aug 10, 2017

Republicans' of Congress is lower than it's been at any other point this year. 

Only 16 percent of Republicans say they approve of the job Congress is doing, according to a new poll by Gallup. That's pretty significant because Republicans control the House, the Senate and the White House. 

But GOP support has tanked since February, when an unusually high 50 percent of the party approved of Congress

The high rating likely demonstrates how hopeful Republicans were shortly after Trump's . 

So what happened? Well, the decline comes as Congress is still struggling to deliver on President Trump's big promises, like health care and tax 

MCConnell has to GO 
to Save Our Country!
He is a Globalist/One World Order
Donate to Judge Moore


We did it!

Conservatives across the country just delivered a crushing blow to with my first place finish in Tuesday's Republican Primary for U.S. Senate in Alabama.

Friend, without the generous support, thoughts and prayers of thousands of patriots like you from across the country, I’m afraid Mitch McConnell’s vicious multi-MILLION dollar attack could have toppled my campaign in Tuesday’s election.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Should Paul Ryan Step Down As Speaker?

Yes 91.61% (33,383)  No 8.39% (3,056)


 Ryan with Obama!

  American Republican Patriot- Lou Dobbs


 BREAKING: Forced To Resign After Murdered Pilot’s Recordings Surface
Ryan and Ted Cruz both 
Just Like Barry Soetoro!
unless Bill & Hillary 
have him assassinated/Suicide:)!
Maybe he should negotiate a 
with Jeff Sessions, 
with 2 gun shots  to his head like 

Personally I am hoping an 
from WA State takes his place as speaker!

Red & Blue Members
Are Controlling "Your New Agenda" By The FAKE News!
"Open the Legal Gates of Hell on Them"
"Political Terrorist"
Git Mo, they have no right to trial!

  The Clinton's, and should all be in prison for   
High Treason and other crimes/Murder!
President Trump lets put all of them in Prison!

GAME ON 7/27/2017 
Special  to be 
Hillary Clinton & the ! 

Breaking: 07/06/2017
Are the Clinton's Spies?
Restore Glass Seagull! 
Historical News During 911

The Constitution was 
Since February 21, 1871

for 146 Years!
Story # 2
 At Birth!
The Planned Take Over of
We were sold at Birth to the
We are sold like Cattle!
Story # 3
The Difference Between Common Law and Maritime Law and What They Are


Attach all of their
Missing 9 Trillion!
Illegal Alien Ted Cruz
from his 
Cruz & Obama/Soetoro

 Works for the Illuminati!
Works for the Illuminati!
Update on this Story
Donald Trump Bashes Ted Cruz for Missed Vote: ‘So Important to Audit the Federal Reserve’
Illegal Senator Ted Cruz
to Audit the
Ted works for Them!
2nd Generation
Story # 6
Michelle/Michael Robinson 
4.2 Tons of Cocaine!

Britain and Rome!
60%  Goes to the Jesuits in the Vatican!
The USA Since Feb. 21,1871!
CFR was Created by the 
to Congressman 

WA State Republican Representatives
and Jamie Herrera Beutler.  Request a "Joint meeting with President Trump" While he is at "Bedminister NJ" at his "Working Vacation"!
Ask President Trump if he will
"1st National 
by signing   to 
"Columbia Basin Project and expand the
Expansion of our WA Ports by 2022"?

President Trump 
Cathy McMorris Rodgers
Dave Reichert

National & International Announcement About 
Columbia Basin Project!
Donald Trump 
Arrives at Spokane
President Trump  
Cathy, Dan, Dave & Jamie
Arrive at Spokane 
To Make a 
National & International

      I was happy to see the President’s joint address this week focused on having the courage to dream big, bettering the lives of all American families, and perhaps most importantly, reminding the country  we are all on the same team.

the Rothschild's Family!
Trump issues stern warning to Merkel
related in a Country 

while the Globalist take control!
President Trump
by SEAN MORAN 11 Apr 2017
April 20, 2017 6:01 pm
Senator Don Benton's
Was One Major Reason
Won the 2016 Election! 
Huge Success Story!
President Trump
U.S. System!

An American Patriot Sings!
They Need Employment & Respect!
Lee Greenwood One Great Patriot!
Cathy McMorris Rodgers
"NW Grassroots"

Columbia Basin Project
Very Important & if you 
it could eliminate 
President Trump's
WA Ports by 2022"!

President John F Kennedy's
Exclusive Right
Should be Reinstated by

AKA / Bush Family Treasonous Act!
of our Banking System!


Trust Accounts
2 Trillion Dollars
Corrupt Politicians!
Pictured Below is
Save & Replenish  
for Centuries to Come!
 Senator Rand Paul
Ron Paul
Great American

Given August 25th, 2015
Still waiting for a Reply!
Clint Didier and others 


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