Fast Track Completion of the Columbia Basin Project by 2022 - Glen is a Proud Veteran
                   GLEN R STOCKWELL  PROMOTER OF  - Fast Track Completion of the Columbia Basin Project by 2022
   I have served my / Our Country with pride,
 and I would like to thank all Veterans for
their service to "OUR COUNTRY" also! 
                   OUR Freedom isn't Free!    
    It is paid for by the Blood and Lives of OUR Soldiers! 
  This Iraq War wasn't about Controlling Oil!
 (yeah right Ha Ha, the world believes this alright)
  The Tax payers of America Pay for the War, and
 the Queen of England gets the preplanned 
                            OIL ASSETS!
But Americans are tired of being used by the "One World
Order Group" to acquire control of other countries!  
Under the illusion the United States is freeing some poor
Nation or group of people somewhere in the World! 
    "We the people & OUR Nation" realize we are being used
and are being driven into a "National Bankruptcy" by
using false lies from US Leaders and other world  leaders!
My Military Service; I served approx. 5 1/2 years in the Coast GuardOriginally being stationed in Astoria, Oregon on a 189 ft Tender (the Ivy).  I served a short term at Grays Harbor, Wa. at the life boat station.  Then I was transfered to Elizabeth City, NC. to attend a school on Aircraft Maintenance.
After school we were transfered to a Air station in Mobile, Alabama.
I also spent approx. 2 1/2 years in the Air Force as a Aircraft Maintenance Specialist at Mc Chord Air Force Base Tacoma Washington. 
              Glen R. Stockwell   
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