Fast Track Completion of the Columbia Basin Project by 2022 - Unemployment Washington State
                   GLEN R STOCKWELL  PROMOTER OF  - Fast Track Completion of the Columbia Basin Project by 2022
     Washington State's  Correct Coarse for              Economic Prosperity! 
    Washington State's
     Democratic Party
       have a unique 
to work directly with
  President Obama's 
and the National DNC to demonstrate to the
Nation and the World
   the Party of FDR is  
           alive and 
"Rebuilding America" for current and future generations!  
By "Fast Tracking Completion" of the Columbia Basin Project"!
     Curing Washington State's Multi-Billion Dollar deficit!
President Obama will be recognized historically as a true leader like Franklin D. Roosevelt
        Please watch my project video during my run for the
9th Legislative given at Charter Channel 3 Kennewick, Wa.  Thank you for your extra help Lloyd Swain (Jimmy
Newland would be proud of his protege) & Nick Wagoner!
                                          Copy of Glen's 2009
                          Legislative District 9
         Campaign Message Plan to the Voters
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Glen's 2009 Legislative Run Campaign interview
                 Real Life Long
           Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs
Unemployment Map 
Take a look at this map.  It shows how the unemployment rate has
changed over the past several months.  When you get to the map,
click the arrow in the middle and watch how things changed.
Incredible what "The Great Recession" has done.  The old saying,
"A picture is worth a thousand words" is never more true than
looking at this map.
Viewing it only takes a few seconds.
The darker the color, the higher the unemployment. 2009 has been BRUTAL. 
This is  a startling map.  Hard to believe!   ( Think: "Stimulus...what stimulus???" )
      click here:      USDL Labor Statistics
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