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Bipartisanship Teamwork

Posted on February 18, 2011 at 10:54 AM Comments comments (158)
Hello to everyone around the world viewing my web site! 
     In my opinion, the United States is in need of new leaders willing to debate the issues facing our nation.  Understanding history (published and unpublished) is a tremendous tool that allows us to make great successful decisions and also decisions that keep us from repeating mistakes!
     It seems to me leaders need to listen more to the citizens comments and give honest (non-political/lip service) answers.  Most people in the United States realize our country has been lead in the wrong direction since the 1960's.  Our country has been dismantled from within and we need to reverse this mistakes to become competitive  again.
     We also realize we can not compete with other countries when their work force lives on less than a $5,000.00 per year.  NAFTA has been used to destroy our great nation and we need to remove this process to change the future direction of our country!  Our children and grandchildren futures depend on actions at the State and Federal levels!
     Our country runs on 85% emotions instead of well thought out decisions, in my opinion!
     England's currency was used as the world standard for almost a 150 years before it nearly collapsed in the mid to late 60's!  If we loose our position in the world we will be facing a economic crisis worse than what we have gone through since 2008 and also the "Great Depression"! 
     Please review Porter Stanberry research report at for a detailed explanation.  Mr. Stanberry was the originating predictor of our economic crisis in 2006 and no one listened, lets learn from our mistakes!
     The world has been using the US dollar as the currency used all around the World for many years. 
     China, Russia, Japan, Oil emmerants and India have recently had secret closed door meeting discussing abandoning the US dollar and using another currency.  
     Our nation has been and is currently under an economic Attack and it is time we join together to defeat this economic war on America
     We have been feeding the world for decades and with the world population explosion we know investing in farming will be an economic success for the future!
     Washington State Leaders should show the state, the nation and the  world "we are willing to work together in a Bipartisan method" to re invest in projects that have given our state and nation positive results for over 60 years! 
     American's need to join together to defeat this threat to "Our Nation"!
Glen R. Stockwell