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 Glen R Stockwell

is a Proud American and Veteran!


January 15th, 2012

Request to Governor Elect Jay Inslee

Jay, please join with Senator Maria

Cantwell and please use both of your

"Congressional Leadership Skills"

just like

Senator Cantwell & Senator McCain

when they tried to restore

"Glass Steagall"

to Our US Banking System

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Cantwell and McCain Hold A Press Conference

Senators Maria Cantwell and John McCain hold a press conference introducing The Banking Integrity Act of 2009. Learn more about the legislation here:


is the time for "Real Leaders" to form the

"Washington State Green Team"


Finish President Franklin Roosevelt's

Columbia Basin Project


President Obama!

Let's put these returning Vets and WA's

unemployed to work and save money at the

same time! This project has worked for 60

years and completion of the 2nd 1/2 of the

project will give America positive returns

for decades and centuries to come!

Washington State is a Great National

Investment of the "People's Money"!

Now with 800 Billion TARP funds still

avaiable and another additional 


Trillion Dollars

available for Economic Stimulus Projects!

It is time for Washington State's current Congressional Leaders to take Action and contact President Obama requesting him to work on this "Bipartisan Project" and place 2 billion dollars into a Washington State

"Non-revocable Trust Account"

and request President Obama sign an

"Executive Order"


"Fast Track Phased Completion"

 this project!


To: Governor Elect Jay Inslee

From: Glen R Stockwell

President of Washington State Economic Development Corp. NP

A Roosevelt Democrat

Re: Request that you allow me to bring my "Fast Track Phased Completion of the Columbia Basin Project Proposal" to your election platform of a "Building a Working Washington Platform." This project will create thousands of new jobs and revitalize Washington’s economy!


By now you understand, I am determined to help our state and country with my project proposal. With your new leadership as Governor, I believe we can succeed on this proposal. For the 1st time in Washington’s history we have;

1. A President willing to invest in Public Work projects. (Presidential


2. Nearly 1.7 Trillion dollars (12/2011) on the federal table for this project.

(Real Money)

3. I believe the National DNC, Senator Harry Reid, Senator Murray, Senator

Kerry, Representative Pelosi, Al Gore, President Bill Clinton, Governor

Gary Locke and others would work aggressively with you and support you

along side with President Obama on this project. (Teamwork)

4. Washington State Congressional Leaders (chairing &/or setting) in the

most influential committees required to complete this project.

(WA Bipartisan Team)

5. Governor Gregoire, Speaker Frank Chopp, Majority Leader Lisa Brown,

and the WA State Democrat Party will Guarantee Support.

6. I also believe a majority of the WA State Republican Party would vote

in favor of this project completion. On March 5th of 2011, I met with

Colin Hastings and by the 1st of May Colin wrote the article on my web

in favor of completion. I also met for the 1st time the Grant County

Republican PCO’s in March 2011 and gave them my project proposal

and in the following June at their PCO meeting they voted 10-8 in favor and direct their Chair Dani Bolyard to write, "Letter of Support" to Doc Hastings and President Obama! I have a verbatim tapeand also all email correspondence between myself and the Chair Dani Bolyard.

I think you and the President could use this tape to your advantage!

7. I will be running for Congress this year probably against Cathy. I would

like to run as a "Roosevelt Democrat", on this issue of Completion of this

project. This project will create thousands of jobs for the returning Vets

and WA’s Unemployed. It would also stimulate our nation's economy for decades and centuries to come.

Unfortunately and regrettably the party leaders will not support me.

Jay, while meeting you at the Spokane Salmon Bake, Patty’s Legacy

Dinner in 2009 (I gave you my proposal), Larry Phillips fundraiser in

Seattle, and at Patty’s Re-election kickoff on August 17, 2010 with

President Obama (I gave you my proposal again), I was sizing you

up at a distance.

I’m not blowing smoke up your political butt, I believe you are a "Good

Man". While watching you and Larry Phillips reminisce about days on the

basketball court in 1969.  

 I would like to point out to you, your Coaches always had a plan

and your teammates tried to bring the plan together to win the game.

The game plan, I have outlined above is a winning plan for you,

President Obama, and the National DNC! This project will increase jobs

in Western WA (Ports) and Eastern WA for decades and centuries to come,

it has a proven 60 year historical track record of success!

If President Roosevelt didn’t die while in office he probably would have

been reelected for another term. Franklin was a man who was admired by

voters in both parties and, in my studied opinion, he was a master at

Bipartisanship proposals. He came to the table with his Presidential

Authority, a planning team, and with something not normally seen

today in politics "ACTION!"

What you, President Obama, Senator Cantwell, Senator Murray and

the other Washington State Democrat congressional leaders could

demonstrate to Washington voters and the Nation, is that the Democrats

are willing to work with the Republicans on this Bipartisan Project!

Please walk across the aisle and offer to form a "Washington State Green

Team" as I have suggested to you, Patty and Maria. An old adage "Actions

speak much louder than empty words" is true! You will show your desires

to stop the dysfunction of government, and if elected, you will work for

everyone from all parties and walks of life as Governor!

This action will give you, Maria, and President Obama millions of dollars

of "Free news articles" during the campaign trail of 2012.

I and my company "G.R Stockwell & Associates Inc" once lead my

county on accepting all of Washington State’s solid waste and have the

documents to prove it. The Adams County Commissioners gave me the

right to bring 800 tons/day to the Bruce Landfill and to contract tippage

fees on behalf of Adams County. I personally received funding

exceeding 97 million dollars for the project, contracted for properties in

Adams Co., Spokane Co., King Co., had sites for Agricultural Processing, and

negotiated 20 year rail contracts. All of the Adams County Commissioners,

Mayors of Ritzville, Lind, Othello, Wastucna, and the Port of Othello

supported my proposals! We had started negotiating with Spokane & also

Spokane County, Coeur d' Alene ID, and the City of Seattle. We were on the

short list of companies offering to provide disposal services to the

City of Seattle prior to forming a "Joint Venture" with Washington Waste

Systems a subsidary of Waste Management of North America.

I am suggesting to you with confidence "my plan" will work to get you

elected to the Governor’s seat. I know I am right about my proposal! I

would like to work directly you, Maria, Patty, David Plouffe, and Mitch

Stewart to "Fast Track Phased Completion" of President Roosevelt's

"Columbia Basin Project"!

Jay, would you allow me to sell my project proposal to you, Maria and

President Obama? Projects are about Money and Power.

Jay you currently have both!

I think you are a leader but only time will tell and the voters of WA State

will be able to evaluate prior to voting in the 2012 Fall General Election.

Reaching out once again in 2012,

Glen R Stockwell

A Roosevelt Democrat

509-540-6899 my cell please call I have a real plan that will work!

PS; Washington State and this project are the best project in Our Nation

to use some of the 800 Billion dollars remaining in the TARP Funds &/or

the new Trillion Dollar Economic Stimulas money set aside in December

2011, in my opinion! 

Wouldn't you agree Jay?

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