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April 2012



DEFY SUPREME COURT RULING UPDATE: In defiance of a 2008 Supreme Court ruling,Eric Holder has been assigned by the Obama machine to ensure that dead people, illegal aliens and doppelgangers are illegally empowered to re-elect Barack Obama in 2012. This corruption runs deep – in a preposterous recent finding, millions in illegal international contributions vanish from the 2008 Obama FEC audit, with a paltry $2 million in unreported "late" infusions of cash disclosed as a sole violations sop … what priceless political theatre!

The system is broken, we MUST demand that fraud and election theft STOP NOW! In 2008, the Supreme Court overwhelmingly ruled that States have every right to require voters provide government issued photo identification before casting a ballot. Such measures of course, help to stop rampant voter fraud and election theft. Yet Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder has decided he does not like the Supreme Court ruling, so he has instructed the U.S. Department of Justice to persecute States who, following the Supreme Court directive, have established voter ID laws.The States, of course, have very good reasons for wanting voter ID laws.

Over the past two years, multiple officials at Barack Obama's old employer ACORN have been indicted and convicted of election and voter fraud. NAACP President Todd Jealous has also been convicted of voter fraud. Indiana DNC Chair Dan Parker has resigned in disgrace after a former Obama aide blew the whistle on Indiana election fraud.The list of 2008 election fraud investigations and convictions is simply too long to publish here. Suffice it to say that evidence is mounting that establishes the 2008 Presidential election as the most fraudulent Federal election in modern history. And Eric Holder apparently is determined to continue that standard by subverting the very voter ID laws enacted to stop election fraud.

It appears that Holder, along with a number of Democrat "activists" using the false, tired, divisive cry of "racial discrimination" seek to ensure that the same dead people, illegal aliens and doppelgangers who helped elect Obama in 2008 have an equal opportunity to re-elect Barack Obama in 2012.

Here are the facts – Congress writes the laws, the Executive branch, (i.e. the Department of Justice), enforces the laws, and the Judicial branch determines whether those laws comply with the U.S. Constitution. The three branches of government are co-equal, and none gets to override the others on a whim… it's called the balance and separation of powers, and our Founding Fathers created such separation to ensure that no corrupt branch could subvert the Constitution and establish itself in a position of dictatorial rule over the others.

The Executive branch does not get to write its own laws, nor defy them. If the Executive branch has a problem with a law, it can plead its case before the courts.

Eric Holder is the key to stopping the Obama Dictatorship.


Like the Nixon era Watergate scandal, the Attorney General is the linchpin of personal security protecting a lawless President and his tyrannical conduct. And like Watergate, the only way to remove such a President from office is by first removing the rabid guard dog protecting the abuser of our nation's highest office and sacred trust.And make no mistake, voter fraud is one dagger at the heart of our institutions of liberty, but money fraud in elections is another – and the Obama faction is a ruthless gangster enterprise at this game. So rampant and aggressive are the Obama bag men that none other than the Washington Post has reported that the 2008 "Obama campaign was allowing donors to use largely untraceable pre-paid credit cards that could potentially be used to evade limits on how much an individual is legally allowed to give or to mask a contributor's identity." Such pre-paid cards make it impossible to determine if foreign nationals are contributing to a campaign, or if single donors are giving multiple small donations, thus exceeding the contribution limits, or even if an outside group is illegally purchasing these cards for individual donors to evade the donor responsibility and reporting restraints.It is also confirmed that the 2008 Obama campaign received 47% of its donations from donors giving less than the $200 limit that requires automatic reporting. In comparison, John McCain's 2008 Presidential campaign received 26% of donations from under $200 donors.According to multiple press outlets and the U.S. Citizens Association independent investigations, the Obama 2008 campaign failed to identify the sources of millions of dollars of campaign contributions that appear to have been illegally accepted by the campaign. Various media reports have pointed to the unknown sources as having illegally come from outside the United States and exceeded the contribution limits that would require reporting donor information to the Federal Election Commission.These millions of dollars of foreign, illegal contributions have doubtlessly been integrated (washed) into the aggregated, below the donor-specific report threshold monies of Obama's 2008 cash juggernaut and falsely "passed" as clean in the FEC audit, which is now reporting out with ONE violation. Tragedy or comedy?If the FEC audit just released is thus compromised, will the U.S. Department of Justice under Attorney General Eric Holder investigate this traducing of our elections?The FEC is essentially an Executive Branch bureaucracy and hopelessly politicized – but the Department of Justice by its mandate MUST account for its actions to Congress and the Courts, if WE the PEOPLE demand JUSTICE!The course toward the pursuit of justice is clear.

Holder must be removed and indicted, and the integrity of the last two federal election cycles upheld. Voter and election fraud MUST END! to defend OUR CONSTITUTION!

Keep Faith,

Alan Keyes

Chairman, Conservative Majority PAC

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