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I am a Environmentalist that believes;

A. "we need more water storage" to off set "Our Nation's

Regional drought conditions" that have plagued

Washington State & other states for centuries &/or the

beginning of Mankind!

B. by building more reservoirs we will be improving and

expanding new fish and wildlife habitat!

C. by building more local reservoirs, we will be increasing

local access to new lakes and we will be cutting down

those "terrible auto emissions" of vacationers traveling

long distances for vacation! And we will be saving our

Natural Environment!

D. by building more reservoirs, we will be saving all of

those great citizens living near the ocean beaches in

Washington, Oregon, California, Mexico, Texas,

Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia,

South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Delaware,

New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts,

New Hampshire, Maine, Alaska and the rest of the


According to the winner of a "Noble Peace Prize for

Total Environmental Understanding" Mr. Al Gore, they

will be drowning very, very soon!

Just a note about Mr. Gore's legal problems most people may not know about he is currently being sued by 35,000 active scientist from around the world over his fraudulant Enviornmental concepts!

The Texas school board officials have removed all references of Mr. Gores enviornmental concepts

according to recent CNN reports!

If you would elected me, I plan on saving their lives by using my Boy Scout lifeguard training (Dwight,I still have the merit badge, I am a Eagle Scout) and Coast Guard training for saving lives(Dwight, I still have my honorable discharge papers)!

The more water we put into reservoirs is one more life Saved in my book of "Great Environmental Activism"!

I am NOT an Environmental Wacko, that believes in the lies of the Voodoo Environmental Movement as British

liar Tony Blair and His American counterparts promote!

I hope and pray Christine Gregoire doesn't fall victim to this group of "One Worlders liars", trying to form a "One World Dictatorship", but I believe she has!

The only reason these bastards are pushing these controls on to the United States and Other World Nations is to form a new "World Tax System" to pay for the One World Government, in my opinion! 


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