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To Dennis,

     I would like to meet with you on "your island" or at you other location you are at now (I have a Passport), if you are willing to get together?   

You have had quite a life's journey after purchasing one Caterpillar years ago!

      Would you like to take another Project Journey and bring your leadership abilities to this 2nd Largest Construction Project in US history?

       I was in business with Raymond Hanson and we got along great! I am looking forward to a great relationship with you too!

    I have a total financing plan with a

guaranteed return on investment and with guaranteed cash flow for the next 50 years! We can do this with Pre existing revenues and no new taxes!

Please give me a call,


509-540-6899 cell

Glen's 2010 9th District Run for 

State Representative.

Join with Me and please

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