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Please watch my project video during my run for the

9th Legislative given at Charter Channel 3 Kennewick, Wa. Thank you for your extra help Lloyd Swain (Jimmy

Newland would be proud of his protege) & Nick Wagoner!

Copy of Glen's 2009

Legislative District 9

Campaign Message Plan to the Voters

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Glen's 2009 Legislative Run Campaign interview


Formal Citizen's Request to Senator Maria Cantwell


Senator Cantwell,

       Maria, I would formally request you to speak to your good friend and Colleague Senator Murray, and ask Patty to


add the "Completion of the Columbia Basin Project" to her re-election platform, without any new taxes!

Maria, I have found you to be a deep thinker on many national subjects and a leader in reaching across the isle to aide "Our Country"!

Maria, to be honest, I didn't think I was going to like you! But after meeting you and taking the time to review some of your positions (we don't agree on all issues though), I have change my mind by watching your actions (you realize actions speak much louder than hollow words)!

At our last coffee in November 2009, I gave you a idea on your drug research funding by saying those companies who have received Grant Funding for research should repay into a replenishing "Grant Fund Trust Account" for future funding of grant fund applications. I don't know if you decided it to be good council or not (you haven't responded)?

So today I will give you another idea today.

      Please talk to your good friend Senator Patty Murray, and explain to her with all of the "Congressional Challengers" lined up to take her position. She should consider what this "Old Country Bumpkin" is trying to suggest to her might save her political career!

      Maria, you must realize the President doesn't want to loose another seat, but he will be loosing many!

     President Obama could support Senator Murray by proclaiming to the Nation and the World he is going to follow Patty's suggestion to add this project to the top of his list, and by signing an Executive Order for the Completion of the "Completion of the Columbia Basin Project"!


Actions Speak much louder than empty words, and we citizens

(VOTERS) recognize empty words!


Please join with Senator Murray and take this proposal to President Obama an admirer of Franklin's achievements in office, and ask the President to put this project at the top of his "Public Works Renew America Agenda", and sign an Executive Order for Our State's 400,000 - 600,000 unemployed.

        On CNN 4/9/10 it was being reported 34 states can no longer pay unemployment to their citizens!

      No doubt with the current 8.9 + Billion Washington State deficit is running in the General Fund. Washington State will soon be joining this list of states unable to pay unemployment, in the near future!

  Maria, I know you have a basic understanding of the importance Farming plays in balancing trade imbalances for decades, and you have an understanding of world trade markets.


       The National DNC and the Washington State Democratic Party can join with the President to complete this project. It will be seen in the World and the National News as the "Party of Roosevelt's" crowning achievement with the leadership abilities of President Obama's, and Senator Murray's abilities to form a Bipartisan effort of the Democratic and Republican parties!     

     Please use your leadership example of "Bipartisanship" when you reached across the isle to Senator McCain and formed an alliance to reintroduce the "Glass Steagull" back into our banking system!


   Senator Byron L. Dorgan of North Dakota is another impressive leader, more people should listen to his council, in my opinion  


    Maria, please join with Senator Murray and reach across the isle and ask Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rogers to join with you to form a bipartisan "Washington State Green Team" made up with Washington State Congressmen and Congresswomen. To jointly and formally approach President Obama with a request to work jointly with him to complete the Columbia Basin Project!

    I believe this project can be "tailor made" to fit President Obama's concept of allowing College students to earn their tuition similar to the 3C's program of Franklin's during the "Great Depression".

    I spoke with President Floyd from WSU on 4/05/10 in Othello Washington, asking him to assist the President with this vision! He said "he would be honored to help President Obama on this mission, and he believe WSU would be perfect for President Obama's program"!

    Maria, I believe with your experience, talents and Congressional knowledge you will have the ability to assist Senator Murray and others in bring this "Job's production project and Economic Development Project to Washington State!

     In my "Old Country Bumpkin Opinion", "the Future of Washington State's financial success is Roosevelt's vision of the Columbia Basin Project"!

I was at Governor Gary Locke's confirmation for Secretary of Commerce in March 2009, and Gary will play an important role in my proposal to help the President with the funding for this project without the need for any new taxes, in my opinion! I gave my proposal to Gary in camera and he guaranteed me he would deliver it to President Obama for his review!

This project has 50 years of financial $uccess for you, Patty, the National DNC, and President Obama to rely on, and I believe the Washington State Republican Party would co-endorse this project!

Maria please review the life of a real national hero and leader President Franklin D Roosevelt at

Thank you for your many years of service to "Our State and Our Country"! Please call me Maria, I would like to help you on this endeavor! I hope to join you next spring at the Capitol my web is

2010 will go down in the Political History Books "as the year Political Incumbents were thrown OUT", in my opinion!


Respectfully Submitted,

Glen R. Stockwell

509-540-6899 cell

A Roosevelt Democrat

President of Washington State Economic Development Co.

Proud Member of;

Washington Coalition for open Government

Renew America and Organizing for America


Washington State Hero Franklin D. Roosevelt

Legislation I introduced in Olympia Bill Req. # H-2196.1/09


Campaign Brochure



The "Irrigation Pumps are already in Place for the entire

1,100,000 acre Project" and "we have a legal right to the


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