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Here's a television interview that Stockwell gave during

his run for the 9th Legislative District's House seat (2009)

in Kennewick discussing completion of the Columbia

Basin Project, and how it will renew the USA and

Washington State Economies without any new taxes!


Watch the videos at You Tube (You tube only has 10 min. videos and we had to split it up into 3 segments)

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

History proves President Franklin D. Roosevelt lead

with authority and for the last 60+ years Washington State and the Nation has repeat the benefit of his leadership!

It is my belief "Real leaders should lead the herd", they

shouldn't be "quiet followers warming a seat of leadership

just collecting a pay check"!


To: Keith Phillips

From: Glen R. Stockwell

RE: Columbia Basin Project - Governor Gregoire's Reelection - Possible Campaign Strategy

Hello Keith,


I have been pondering this transmittal for several days, trying to decide the direction I

should take. As I said on the phone, I have researched your background, and I realize

Christine puts a tremendous amount of faith, and trust in your opinions. So the following is

my humble country bumpkin attempt to persuade you to look through my words to the

picture I'm trying to paint for you, and that will be the “keystone” to Christine’s successful

reelection. Please put your political finger in the air, and help the following scenario take

place for Christine’s benefit. To be reelected she will need the votes of Independents like

myself, and Republicans willing to walk across the proverbial line! Technically Adams County

votes were the key votes that gave Christine her win in 2004.


During the 2003 election cycle, and after watching Christine win on the tobacco settlement,

I decided to voted for her with the hopes she would bring her legal abilities to Washington

State's aid on this project (Strong Leadership). I watched the news stories progress, and

recognized Christine, and her political team had ability to reach out to Senator John Kerry,

and the National Democratic Committee. She not only requested assistance, but also offered

reciprocal assistance in return, and a productive relationship was built (a political

Democratic joint venture bridge)!

The Democratic Party of today, has been assaulted year after year by the Republican

National Committee, "as a party lacking direction or leadership, never bringing

constructive new ideas, or viable projects to the National table" (I'm quite certain

you have heard this year after year). This project is one of the last remaining of many

historical crowning achievements of the National Democratic Party of "yester year" still

remaining on today's table. The Democratic Party of Franklin D. Roosevelt was not only a

party of vision, but also one of action! This project has been waiting patiently for someone

"in power" to recognize,"it's current political usability of today". I believe Howard Dean,

and the National Democratic Party would welcome Christine’s leadership role in bring this

project forward to be used by the party as an example of Democratic determination. I believe

in doing so Christine will be reelected, and the future Democratic Presidential Nominee will

be elected.

Gary Locke, was wrong when he only viewed this project as a Farming project. This

project would be the 2nd largest “Washington State Economic Development Project”,

undertaken within the last 54 years. The expansion of this project will benefit the voters of

Eastern, and Western Washington for decades to come, it will increase the yearly taxable

dollars going to Education and other agencies by millions per year.

I ran for State Representative of the ninth district in 2005 on the Republican ticket, and

lost by a small margin. I ran on the platform of “Completion of the Columbia Basin

Project”. I met with many citizens, from all walks of life, while participating in the parades,

people would call out to me shouting “yes we need to finish the project Glen”, the

Hispanic community totally supports the expansion.


I plan on running again, and I maybe running on the Democratic Ticket!

I can show you how to use existing canals to solve the Odessa Sub Aquifer problem,

which will reduce the overall construction cost of the final project, and it will be more

environmentally friendly. I would also like to explain to you, and Christine other alternative

funding methods, I believe are available to the State (one method would require a legal

process &/or federal negociations).


I have worked on very large state projects in years past! I would like to assist you on the

completion of this project, please let me know if you would be willing to work together on the

above described project? I would like to help Christine’s reelection if she would consider

taking the joint venture Democratic bridge described above to the National Democratic


Thank you for your service to our State, and I would like to extend my hand in friendship to




A. Political Page the Fox


B. Campaign Handout for the 9th District "Completion of the Columbia Basin


C. Sept. 4th article about the New Reservior in Peel Valley put in by local Farmers!

Tuesday, 4 September 2007


Farmers safe from cost blowout responsibility


Great news: Peel Valley Water Users chairman Geoff Swain, right, with Kevin Tongue and

The Nationals MLC Trevor Khan at Chaffey Dam yesterday.

Great news: Peel Valley Water Users chairman Geoff Swain, right, with Kevin Tongue and

The Nationals MLC Trevor Khan at Chaffey Dam yesterday. PEEL Valley irrigators

should be dancing in their paddocks in the wake of yesterday's Chaffey Dam

augmentation upgrade funding announcement, a leading industry figure has said.

"If they're like me they will be," Peel Valley Water Users chairman Geoff Swain said


Mr Swain described the announcement, made on site before local government

representatives and water users at Chaffey Dam, as the best possible outcome for his


"Mark Vaile has said there will be no cost recovery on this," he said. "That is very

important for us."


He also welcomed a statement by Mr Vaile that the Peel Valley irrigators' cost

contribution to the upgrade – which will take Chaffey from 62 gigalitres to 100

gigalitres – would be capped at $ 876,000.

Mr Vaile told The Leader he understood the irrigators – who have not received a

meaningful water allocation from Chaffey for more than half a decade – had dug deep to

come up with their share of the money.

He said even if the cost of the project blew out, which is not something that is expected

to happen, he would not anticipate any further calls on the farming community for


"The reality is that if the costs (did) increase the three levels of government (state,

federal and Tamworth Regional Council) should be prepared to carry the can," he said.

Mr Swain said this was vital for his members, who had been doing it tough for longer

than he cared to remember.

"We are irrigators who have been forced to become dry land farmers," he said.

"It will be hard for us to find the money but we will – this is just so important. It (the

funding announcement) is make or break for us. We would have been in serious trouble

without it."

Mr Swain, who farms a property 50km west of Tamworth at the end of the Peel Valley

irrigation zone, said when he could get it he used irrigation water to produce lucerne

and for pasture for a prime lamb enterprise.

"I know this will take time to build and then it will have to fill but at least now we can see

the light at the end of the tunnel," he said. Copyright © 2007. Rural Press Limited

Last discussion on the phone 11/19/07

Date:12/11/2007 12:24:57 P.M. Pacific Standard

TimeFrom:StockwellStocky@aol.comReply To:To:

Hi Keith,

I have been thinking about a comment you made on the phone, about discussions

you, and Christine will be having with BC officials sometime in the future.


I know you are probably miles ahead of me on professional experience, but I thought,

I would try to assist you and Christine with something I said to you on the phone. I

know you may have a full understanding of this information, and I don't personally know

what BC wants (I'm normally a news hound but I guess I missed this one, or maybe it is

behind closed doors).

When parties come to a negotiating table both parties have a targeted position

normally. Hopefully this is our States position, and it is CAST in STONE;


A. We don't want to negotiate away the water withdrawal agreement already given for

the completion of the Columbia Basin Project. (This is a State Economic

development asset in hand).

It is worth BILLIONS of State DOLLARS! (current & future)

B. As I stated above, I don't know what BC wants. I have done enough negotiating over

the years, to know they can be a tremendous allies for future negotiating with the Feds,

and stalling BC and forming a coalition of the Western Governors, might be a

tremendous tactic for Christine! You may have heard this is a election year, and if

Christine was the initiating Governor, and set at the head of the table, it might be news

worthy????????????????? You know fighting for the people's rights!

I can kind of see history repeating it self, similar to Christine's success

with the tobacco settlement, if she would consider it? She said she was kind

of retiring from being a attorney, during her speech in Aberdeen in 2005. I

wish she would reconsider that?!


The best form of negotiating happens when both parties walk away from the table with

their basic objectives met! As I told you on the phone the Canadian government

is wanting a irrigation project also, but they are having problems similar to ours this

area is a large farming section of Canada; It almost sounds like a negotiating tool?!

We get what we want & Canada gets what they want! You know a win / win thing.


Red River

The Passageway to the prairies

Cree name: Miscousipi, meaning 'Red Water River.'

Current official name: Red, a translation from the Cree name.

Source: Lake Traverse, North Dakota

Mouth: Lake Winnipeg

Direction of flow: north

Length : 877 kilometres

Main Characteristic: witness to the struggle for control of the West.



Finally, in closing did you know there is over 20 states actively talking about

succession, and Texas is leading the way? I bet Arnold would reach across the

political isle on the issue of new waters for farming needs.

Have a great day Keith,


PS; Any update on my request to Christine yet? I would really like to work with

you on this project! 

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Glen R. Stockwell

I have many other emails offering to help on this project and come

up with financing, without any new taxes, (covering many years)!

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