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 Congressman Jay Inslee

Announced on 6/27/11

His Candidacy for Governor

Washington State!


Jay is a forward thinking leader, who understands the need for "Creative Thinking" and the need to incorporate those ideas into Action!

I have personally met Jay several times and he is an advocate of Franklin D Roosevelt's accomplishments and the Columbia Basin Project!

    Jay has agressively served the Farming Industry and also the Washington State's Ports during his political career in Washington DC.

It is my opinion he will be able to explain the benefits of "Fast Track Completion" of the "Columbia Basin Project" will bring Eastern and Western Washington together to work together on the

"Final Fast Track Completion" of the Columbia Basin Project!

     Jay Inslee will make a great Governor and leader for Eastern and Western Washington issues.

    Jay Inslee understands the important

Economic Role Agriculture has played for decades in balancing our nation's trade inbalance and he understands the benefits of completing this project will bring for decades and centuries in the future, in my opinion!

   Jay will be able to aggressively promote with his leadership the benefits this project will bring to Eastern Farmers and Western Washington's Ports!

    Jay has worked on Bipartisan projects like Hanford with Doc Hastings to protect Washington State's long term interest. I believe he will be able to bring a bipartisan project for completion on this project.

Jay is an advocate for aiding students who are entering college. I believe Jay will be able to work with the President, Senator Patty Murray, Senator Maria Cantwell and the other Washington State Congressional Leaders, to establish a "Work for Tuition Project Program" and we will be able to offer this program to Washington State Students for many years into the future.

Copy of my July 1, 2011 Request Letter

July 1, 2011

To: Governor Elect Jay Inslee

From: Glen R. Stockwell


             Washington State Economic Development Co. NP

Re: Requesting you to lead the Washington State’s effort of “Final Fast Track Completion” of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Columbia Basin Project and personally hand deliver the request to President Obama!


      We have met several times (at the Salmon Bake in Spokane, Patty’s Legacy Dinner, and again on August 17, 2010 in Seattle at Patty’s re-election kickoff with President Obama). At the August 17 meeting, I hand delivered my proposal to you after the President left the meeting.

I realize you are running to help bring new ideas and projects to Washington State’s unemployed and also projects that will jump start our economy for years to come! I also realize the agenda for the National Democratic Party is “Jobs First”!

I know you are personal friends with Patty, Maria, and many other Congressional Leaders and President Obama. In my opinion, the Washington State Democratic Party, should lead the Nation by example by drafting a “Bipartisan Congressional Letter of Support” and request all 11 members of Congress to sign it and then deliver it to President Obama. I have been told that Doc, Dave, Cathy, and Jamie support completion of the project! The voters admire real leaders who act!

    As you know, the President has been asking the Nation (since 2008) for bipartisan “Public Works Projects” and Washington State has the best project in the Nation to offer to President Obama, in my opinion!

You are running on the platform of leading our state with “new innovative ideas and projects to benefit Our State”! When you take office, you will need to represent citizens in both parties and independents also! 

Would you act with actionand take my proposal to the other Washington State Congressional Leaders and hand deliver the request to President Obama?

As a Roosevelt Democrat & Supporter of “Your Candidacy for Governor”,

Glen R. Stockwell

509-540-6899 cell          A response would be greatly appreciated!

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