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Millions of Americans across

America are realizing Politics

and the voting booths have

become totally corrupt and we

don't trust our Government!

Regrettably History reveals

Our National Voting Systems

are Rigged and they are Corrupt!

How did an Illegal alien make it into the Whitehouse?

The US Voting System is

Remotely Controlled

by the Elite

One World Order Group!

Remote Vote Tampering Attack on a Sequoia AVC Voting Machine by Argonne National Lab

Argonne National Lab's Vulnerability Assessment Team (VAT) demonstrates how to tamper with a Sequoia AVC Advantage (Direct Recording Electronic or DRE) voting machine in a way that could flip the resu...

May 3, 2012

News Max Poll

Question; Should Barack Obama be re-elected?


Yes, he deserves re-election 6,888 (33%)

No, he should not be re-elected 13,724(66%)

first is first and then the argan team , this type of attack last one has teh pics

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