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During the "Last Great Depression" brought on by the World Banking System controlled by the Worlds Olagarthy.

 Over 5,000 banks failed



Franklin D. Roosevelt

After watching and living through the Depression President Roosevelt and the Congress installed new banking rules and regulations spelled out in the "Glass Steagall Banking Regulations". Glass Steagall was designed to insure this problem wouldn't happen again.

66 Years of Banking Stability

In 1999 the Republican controlled Congress along with a Democratic President Bill Clinton changed the Glass Steagall banking policies.


     This current economic colapse was designed years before by Henery Kissenger and other traitors to create a "controlled colapse of our banking system"!

Within 7 years of removing Glass Steagall, and installing a Republican President and traitor by the Name of George Herbert Walker Bush #43 our country has been lead into finacial ruin!

I would like to point out George Bush # 43 came into office explaining how much he admired President Ronald Reagan's Conservative values, and he was also a conservative.

By the time George #43 left office he had double the National debt and he was like the "Black Plague" no one wanted him to campaign for their elections (he was the kiss of death).

George Bush #43 wouldn't know what a conservative was if it bit him in his ass!

By 2007 - 2008 he had doubled the National Debt owed by "We the voters and Tax payors"! 

 In my opinion, this was George Bush 43 assignment and objective, given to him by his Father Bush 41 both members of the Trilateral Commissionwhen he took office!

        During this financial colapse brought on by the World Banking System after the 1933 Glass Steagall Banking regulatory was removed.

I want to go to Washington DC to return our

Democratic Party to the traditions of FDR (Progressive

Project Development) that will bring thousands of jobs to

our unemployed, balance state budget, and renew new

financial stability to Our School systems.  

Thomas Jefferson said in 1802:

'I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered..'

1. Returning to "OUR OWN National Credit System",

and returning to Constitutional principals as designed by

our founding Forefathers in "OUR United States


    Returning to the "Glass Steagull Banking System",

as promoted Senator Cantwell, Senator McCain, Congressman Inslee and many other intelligent Politicians and Citizens like Paul Voker past Chairman of the Federal reserve.

     I believe, we need to "First regain total control of OUR NATION'S BANKING SYSTEM", in my opinion!


           Currently Our Banking system is controlled by Multi-National private corporations, headed by "the Federal Reserve" (which is a private Corporation also).

 2. China, India, Russia are asking the United States to

consider joining them in a "4 POWERS ACT". This system will create the Largest Monetary system in the world!

       Nations all over the world are coming to the understanding it is time to regain control of each nations monetary system, from the "One world order Group of World domination (it is basically a Dictatorship of World)!

      I realize Chavez isn't liked by many, but this isn't the important point! 9 of our trading partners are changing their currencies, discarding the current monetary system.

I agree we need to discard the current banking system


1. It's a secret, "it isn't working"!

Spokesman Review / David S. Border / 10/29/09

2. and it is a "illegal system not allowed by OUR


3. "We the People" are always taxed anyway to bailout

failed banks (thieves) over 140 this year, insurance

companies (thieves) when buildings fall or when

hurricanes hit our shores, &/or Brokerage firms

(thieves) when they fail!

Spokesman Review Daniel Wagner's / October 24, 2009

4. Over Four Million home foreclosures in 2009, "WE"

are bailing out these mortgage companies also, but

where is the money allocated for these people?

Oh yeah, the banks are keeping it, and investing 50 +

Billion in other countries, and rising!

Our Banking System has been slowly changed and re-designed by the British Monarchy over centuries after Burr assassinated Hamilton! Burr tried to sell a large part of the United States to the British after he assassinated Hamilton!

After President Roosevelt died after WW11 the British Monarchy began a totally secret campaign to "regain control" of "it's" rouge colony "the United States of America"!

This current system has been designed to bring total Economic control and a "One World Monetary System" to America, and the World in my opinion!

It is 1974 all over again and instead of "we have a Oil Shortage Crisis"! It is now "we have a Bank Crisis", and the dirty little secret is the Federal Reserve and the World Banks are causing the collapse and they are gaining control of more Banks through this Consolidation in the process!

Current world events "prove it is succeeding at creating a world banking failure", and it is my personal belief it is being brought on the USA and the World to cause World chaos, and more control of the citizenry!

I am a Proud American, and a Constitutionalist. I

have studied history for many years! I am fully aware of

the "British Crowns" centuries of attempts to "overthrow

and regain control of America". Since "Our Nation's"

historical and successful fight for freedom July 4th, 1776!

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