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Mayor Murray


December 19, 2014

To: Mayor Murray

From: Glen R. Stockwell


Washington State Economic Development Corp. NP

RE: Requesting a "Letter of Total Bipartisan Support" to be sent to Governor Inslee and also to our Washington State Congressional Leaders to offer to our Nation the “1st National Bipartisan Project in 69+ years”.

Mayor and Councilmembers,


Our beloved country has been dysfunctional since December 1912, continuing forward to the assassination of President John F Kennedy and today Congress is nearly totally dysfunctional!

I have lived in WA State for the majority of my life. I grew up in a town of about 400 people and we never spoke about Republicans or Democrats, we were just Americans and proud of it! I have been going to Seattle since the mid 50’s. As a young boy coming to Seattle and looking out the car window, Seattle looked magnificent!

In 1962 my family traveled to Seattle to attend the World’s Fair. I am sure many of you did also. I remember the first display after Dad paid to get in, it was called the “Phones of the Future”. We have all grown older and we know dreams can become reality just like Christopher Columbus, the Wright Brothers, and President John Kennedy pointing to the Moon, Bill & Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet in their business successes.

I am writing you today to ask you to join in my vision to bring to Washington State the final completion of President Franklin D Roosevelt’s, “Columbia Basin Project by 2022”.

I would like to expand that vision to include the Snake River, Yakima Basin and Horse Heaven Irrigation Projects and expansion of our WA Ports for the next Century. I believe Seattle’s Port CEO Mr. Tay Yoshitani can bring his professional talents to the council to explain the economic and job benefits to Eastern and Western WA these projects would bring to WA.

On February 20, 2012while attending a convention in Lacey WA Congressman Jay Inslee announced his candidacy to become WA State’s next Governor. I was the first one to meet Jay as he left the Stage! I have been taking my proposal to Jay since the Spokane Democrat Salmon Bake in 2009, Patty Murray’s Legacy Dinner of 2010, King County Commissioner Larry Phillip’s Reelection Campaign fundraiser in Seattle, Patty Murray’s Reelection Campaign fundraiser in Seattle and during Jay’s & Trudi’s campaign fundraisers in Black Lake and other locations & finally at Jay & Trudi’s Governor’s Ball, when he said while passing through the line “Glen, I am listening”.

I have only inserted this history between Governor Inslee and myself to show the long history of me meeting with Jay on this issue. Jay told me as we shook hands in Lacey

Glen, we would have had this done years ago except for funding”!

In my lifetime, I have personally found funding in excess of 97 + Million Dollars for Seattle’s Long Haul Solid Waste Disposal Contract in 1989.

I have known for many years how to fund these projects with pre existing

revenues and no new taxes for many years!

On April 8, 2014 a “Bipartisan Group from Adams County” (Myself, Adams County Commissioner John Marshall and Ken Caylor WA State Democratic member of the State Steering Committee) traveled to Olympia to meet with Governor Inslee’s Senior Advisor Keith Phillips. We strongly believe it is time for the fighting between the parties to stop and

the healing to begin!

I am willing to work jointly with you, Mayor Murray and the Seattle City Council and your departments on “My 3 funding methods” if you would allow me too? I strongly believe the Seattle City Council can play a “pivotal role” in aiding Governor Inslee, Senators Murray and Cantwell and the other WA State Congressional team, but they need to know

We are all behind them”!

Towards the end of our meeting on April 8 meeting, Keith Phillips said

Glen, I haven’t told anyone about yourNew Social Security Offering you discussed with me in January 2009”.

For the record this is only 1 of my 3 methods of funding this project. The 2 other methods will provide Billions of Dollars over the term of these Projects!

I have recently watched a youtube video wherein Councilman Nick Licata, Sen. Bob Hasegawa, WA State 11th Legislative District and others were explaining their desire to create a WA State Bank, and I concur with their vision! You can watch it at

Mayor, would you and the council speak with Councilman Nick Licata and Senator Bob Hasegawa and ask them if they would consider meeting with my Bipartisan Group? To discuss using their vision of the Washington State Bank, as a funding vehicle for the Columbia Basin, Snake River, Yakima Basin & WA Port Expansion Projects?

Mayor, I have read your background and I know you have dedicated your life to helping WA State, Seattle, Our Nation and the World. Would you consider using your Legislative skills to help draft this legislation and ask Senator Hasegawa to bring it to the 2015 session backing in writing Governor Inslee, and our WA State Congressional Team in offering the 1 National Bipartisan Public Works project since President Franklin D Roosevelt’s administration? I am certain Patriot Speaker Frank Chopp will help on this “Bipartisan Legislation” to help Governor Inslee and our State and Nation!

Looking forward to meeting all of you soon!


Respectfully Submitted,


Glen R. Stockwell

Chairman of WA State Economic Development NP


Phone 509-540-6899


Congressman Elect Dan Newhouse Signed the Pledge below to work directly with Governor Inslee, Commissioner John Marshall of Adams County in a Bipartisan Method to go after the money for these Economic Development Irrigation and WA Port Projects!

WA 4th District



Dan Newhouse 

Past Director of Washington State Agriculture


Signed MY Pledge below during the Candidate Forum in Ritzville WA

to work directly with Governor Inslee, Commissioner John Marshall of Adams County in a "Bipartisan Method".



To go after the money for these Employment, Economic Development, Irrigation and WA Port Expansion Projects!

For the written record, the reason Clint Didier didn't sign this Declaration is he had given his word "He wouldn't vote for anything that would increase our taxes by $1.00".

Clint had given his word to the voters of the 4th District, the Nation and to the Liberty Caucus!

Clint is an honorable man, in my opinion! Clint totally supports the completion of the Columbia Basin, Snake River & Yakima Projects!

I have asked Clint to reach out to the Liberty Caucus for their endorsement of these projects, for their

2016 Presidential Election Platform!

Bill, Melinda and Warren have been Studying My Proposal! :)

Completion of the Columbia Basin Project

Expansion of our Washington Ports for the next 100 years!

Port of Seattle

Port of Tacoma

Port of Everett

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