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In the Future

the Illuminati Plans on Putting

Barry Soetoro

as the

Secretary General

of the

United Nations!

3rd Illegal Alien to Set

in Our US President's

Office in US History!

Barry Soetoro A

CIA Created & Funded Monkey!

President Trump

Barry Soetoro Belongs in Prison,

Please put him there in 2017!

And Put George Soros, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, George Bush 41 & 43,

Dick Cheney, and other

"One World Order Nazi Traitors"

Angela Merkel

Endorsed by Adolf Hitler and

The Rothschild's Family!

False Recording of the Nov. 8th, 2016

General Election Results will Guarantee

Hillary Clinton's False Election!

The Actual 2016 Winner

Mr. Donald Trump

Will Contest the Results

it will go to the Supreme Court

like the 2000 Elections Bush v Gore

The Supreme Court Puppets are controlled

by and working for the


The Takeover of the

American 2016 Election

By the

"One World Order / Illuminati"

They intend on totally derailing the election because their Puppets aren't being supported by the American Electorate in the

Republican or Democrat 


The Illuminati's

Democrat Candidate

The Democrat Party's

Voters Choice

Bernie Sanders

Illuminati's Republican Candidate

Pictured with their 2nd Illegal

Foreign Born President of USA

In the middle in the Wheel Chair

3rd Illegal setting on the right side!

Jeb Bush is an Illuminati Puppet

Also, and Bush Family is

5 Generations of

US Traitors!

  Republican Voters Choice

By a Landslide!

Donald Trump!

Judge Scalia's Assassination

He flew to TX on Air Force 1 with

Barry Soetoro/Obama

2016 Republican

RNC Super Tuesday FIXED!

Hillary Clinton made a Mutual Agreement with

Barry Soetoro/Obama

He will not

Prosecute Hillary

and he will endorse her


If Hillary is elected to the

White House

Hillary will Appoint Him

to the Supreme Court Vacancy

of Judge Anthony Scalia.

The Supreme Court's

Strongest Voice for the

2nd Amendment!

President Barry Soetoro is also

intended to become

the future

Attorney General of the United


General Assembly!

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