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Washington State's   Correct Coarse for

Economic Prosperity!

Watch the videos at You Tube (You tube only has 10 min. videos and we had to split it up into 3 segments)


Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

History proves President Franklin D. Roosevelt lead

with authority and for the last 60+ years Washington State and the Nation has repeat the benefit of his leadership!

It is my belief "Real leaders should lead the herd", they

shouldn't be "quiet followers warming a seat of leadership

just collecting a pay check"!


Washington State Needs New Well Thought out Ideas & New Leadership!

The Main reasons for my run for office is to;

A. bring Thousands of New "Real Jobs" to Washington!

B. help balance "Our State's" General Fund Deficit dollar problems (without any NEW State or Federal Taxes)!

C. Supporting Our Schools by bringing new dollars to education!

By asking "Our State's Colleges Leaders " to Join with Me and President Obama by helping implement "his 3 C's vision" of "Public Service for Tuition Program", by designing and allowing their participation on this "Washington State Economic Development


By helping Bring the

2nd Largest Economic

Development Project in 50 years

"The Columbia Basin Project"

I will be "running again" on the Platform of bringing the "Second Largest Construction Project to Washington State in 50 years"!


Actual JOBS JOBS JOBS instead of a empty platform!

I realize Glen is suppose to be a one issue candidate supposedly, but it is the only project that will correct the Multi-Billion dollar State deficit and will put people back to WORK!

Glen has "ONE BIG ANSWER",


"they have NONE"!

The Completion of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's

vision the "Columbia Basin Public Works Project"!

Voters "I can succeed" on bringing this Project to

Washington State and OUR NATION, if you

would vote for me!

In 2008 I voted for "Change like many other voters", but I was thinking Change meant;


United State's Need's


I am a Proud member of Renew America & Organizing for America!

I have taken my proposal to the heads of our State and

Federal government. I believe it can be put in "without any new State or Federal taxes"!


I Originally gave my proposal and video to Washington State Senator Mark Schoesler (in 2001, again in 2005 / 2008, and also in 2009)!


I asked him to Co-Sponsor my legislation and assist Representative Brian Blake, and Representative Judy Warwick in February 2009.

I have also given my proposal and video to Governor

Locke 2001 & 2009, Gregoire 2005, 2008 & 2009.

President Obama 2009, Senator Murray 2009, Senator Cantwell 2009, Congresswoman McMorris Rogers 2009, Congressmen Inslee, McDermott, Smith, Hastings, and many others 2009.

I have also given my proposal & video to Dwight Pelz 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009 and I invited him to additional meetings also but he didn't show!

David Plouffe Nov. 2009, and Mitch Stewart Nov. 2009

VOTERS, It is very hard to find real leaders in our country! It doesn't really matter which party you go to!

I have also delivered my proposal to President Bush #43, he was too busy getting control of Iraq's oil fields, and Afghanistan's opium fields!

Washington State has been waiting for this project since

my Mother Lois A Stockwell was holding me in this picture

(the best Mom in the whole world)!

You can tell by this next picture,

Washington State has been waiting a

"Long Long Time"!  

I believe most "Common American Citizens" could run

OUR COUNTRY far better than most of the "current

failures" now in office!

Our Nation has too many Silver Spoon Leaders at the

State and Federal levels, that have been sheltered their

entire lives, and have never had to work for anything in

their lives!

Many of these Representatives are 2nd and 3rd

generation Politicians (the good ole boy & gal system of

buffoons). These family dynasties keep sending us down

the roads of "National Policy Failures"!

It is time to get rid of some of these Representatives

"currently in business for themselves on the hill"! We

need to get rid of the influence of paid Lobbyist, and elect people like myself who will turn down their cash payments and other buyout incentives that "We the people never hear about"!

In my opinion, "We need to elect New Politicians" who will return the government to the people again!

I believe like millions of other Americans, we are right back to where our founding fathers were before the

Revolution "Taxation without any real representation for

the people" by many of it's current Representatives!

I believe if Thomas Paine were alive today he would be helping start a new revolution for this country and selling his book on "Common Sense" and saying

Fellow Citizens it is time to be "Quiet No MORE"!

"We the People" need to regain control of "OUR COUNTRY" from these idiots! Before they erase &/or destroy our "Constitutional Rights", give away our "National Sovereignty", tax us into poverty, and create a total collapse of Our Economic System!

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