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  Completion of this Project is a Guaranteed National Winner!!!

The Washington State Democratic Party

The People's Party of;

"Great New Ideas" & "ACTION"!

I am a Proud member of Renew America & Organizing for America!

Governor Gregoire is a successful leader

of "OUR STATE", she could succeed with this complete project if she just had a little support and faith!

Become the leader I voted for, I know

you have it in you to succeed!

Christine, Glen and Washington State needs your Creative mind and Professional Political touch to put this project in! It will create thousands of "New Jobs", and will help balance "OUR STATE'S" budget for decades to come!

Please help...........Glen R. Stockwell


We are in the toughest economic times our state has faced in the last 80 years.

Last session we had to cut $9 billion from our state’s budget to pass a balanced budget, as required by law, and our budget forecast for the next biennium is another $2.6

billion shortfall. We are about to begin the most challenging legislative session we have faced since I took office.

I am going to need your continued support while we tackle the difficult challenges ahead.


The support you have given me over the years has allowed me to build a broad political coalition and, just last month, I brought that coalition to the table in the important fight to defeat Tim Eyman’s Initiative 1033. There was no doubt our political coalition made

a huge difference in defeating that devastating initiative which would have deepened

our budget crisis.

Your support over the years made a difference in that battle.

The defeat of I-1033 was essential to our state’s future, but I must be honest, the real challenge lies ahead during this legislative session.


I will work tirelessly to minimize the impact this crisis is having on our families and our most vulnerable citizens. But, make no mistake, there will be tough choices about how

to spend our shrinking resources, and the political coalition you have helped me build over the years will be essential as we work to balance this budget.

With your help we will come through this crisis stronger.


Thank you,


Chris Gregoire


Join with Me and please

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Glen R. Stockwell

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