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The illuminati Bilderberg Group Documentary

Visit my site for more information: people really cant grasp the FACT the Lord's son came to be a ransom for our sins. As if it's a fairytale. Yahshua the messiah love is...

They took this video down from playing on Youtube because this secret group doesn't want the masses to know they have been taking over Our Country and Canada for over 100 years and also taking over the other major countries of the world

A new American Revolution and Canadian Revolution is coming within the next few years, along with other Country revolutions around the world!

This group has designed and started all wars since the French Revolution, Civil War in America including the 1st World War, 2nd World War, Korean War, Viet Nam, Both Iraq Wars, Afganistan War, and many more over the last 60 years and very soon "the Mother of all Wars" as discussed in the Bible in the book of Revulation!

This is totally about creating a cashless society wherein everyone will be given a chip and they will governed through fear and intimidation!

Most of these people deserve to be tried for war crimes against humanity and treason against the United States including Henery Kissenger, the Rockefellers, the Rothchilds, the Bush Family, Barry and many more!

Before a few hundred thousand lives are lost, it would be easier to hunt these people down and throw them in prison!

Before the "Next Great Event" like the sinking of the Lousitania, Pearl Harbor, the assassination of President Kennedy & takeover of America, Viet Nam, the invasion of Kuwait, the destruction of the Twin Towers, the overthrow of Lybia, Egypt, Syria, Iraq and other world events are sold to us by the CFR news agencies, CNN, Fox or other national or international news agencies.

The Rothchild's, Rockefeller's, Bush's manufactured 911 and it wasn't Bin Laden

or is group of idiots!

The evidence is overwelming!

We have a legal system supposidly and many of these people are American Citizens except Barry and there is enough evidence to indite the Bush Family, Rockefeller Family, Kissenger and others for "treason and the murder of 3,000+ American's in the twin towers" and the lives lost in many military campaigns.

We need to demand they be brought to justice and held accountable for their actions!

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