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Bringing the Columbia Basin, Snake River, Yakima Basin and the expansion of WA Ports is far more important than keeping this illegal fraud Obama in Office! Help put VP Biden in the Presidents office!
A Positive Change that will benefit WA State, the Nation and the world for centuries to come!

JANUARY 8, 2015


House passes 40 hour work week bill as Obamacare fight enters new phase on Capitol Hill


The opening salvo in the Obamacare fight in the new Republican-controlled Congress has been fired, with the House easily passing a measure Thursday designed to weaken the healthcare law.

The bill seeks to revoke the Affordable Care Act’s provision that companies offer health coverage to employees who work at least 30 hours a week. Instead, the measure stipulates that employees must work 40 hours to be eligible for healthcare benefits.

The bill passed 252 to 172, with 12 Democrats voting yes. No Republican voted in opposition.


It is my humble opinion Patty Murray will be losing her Senate seat in 2016 due to her defending the fraudulent liar from

Indonesia/Kenyan who has deceived Our entire country and the world by illegally becoming a Senator and now President. 

Future News Story November 2016

Senator Patty Murray Loses Her Reelection Bid!


Why does Patty have to be sacrificed because she keeps defending this illegal fraud Obama/Barry? He came here to destroy America! 


I believe Patty thinks she is defending the Democratic Party of Roosevelt & Kennedy!

Patty and VP Biden are real Democrats and they get along great! I strongly believe Joe and Patty can work together with Speaker Boehner, Congressman Dan Newhouse and the WA State Bipartisan Green Team to bring these projects to WA State!

Future 2015 National Headline

Obama Impeached by Democratic Party!

Next National and World Headline!

President Biden & Senator Patty Murray,

Bring the Largest Construction Project, and Job Project in US History!

Fast Track Completion of

President Franklin D Roosevelt'sColumbia Basin Project! 


Patty, Maria and the other WA State Congressional leaders can help redeem the Democratic Party from the harm Obama has brought to our country.

By helping VP Joe Biden take over the

Presidency in January 2015!  


Why do Democrats want to keep taking 

this whipping for this Illegal President?

Isn't my plan far better? Than defending

Obama for another 2 years?

My 2015 offer to Future President Biden,

Governor Inslee, Senator Murray,

Congressman Dan Newhouse and to the

Bipartisan Washington State Green Team 

Isn't it time to put America 1st!

We can have the financing done by 2016,

if President Biden takes office and

signs 3 Executive Orders!

January 10, 2015

Please consider reviewing my new update on



January 9th, 2015


To the people at the Pe Ell school who are looking at my web and

it seems to me you are corresponding with Woodbridge, Seattle, Redmond and other locations.


I have been a member of the Tea Party, Democrat Party and the Republican Party. While running this last time for the 4th district, I spoke before several thousand people concerning the parties.


I have been in all the parties and they all share three things in common!

1st. They are all American's.


2nd. All parties have very patriotic people within their parties, in my opinion!


3rd. All share a question to "What has happened to Our Country to make it so dysfunctional"?


I use to know the Principal of Pe Ell many years ago, his name was Richard Cash. As you can tell by my writings, I haven't attended school in many years!


Hopefully the students are required to say the pledge of allegiance to our country daily?  

This is the pledge, I and my schoolmates took in the 1950's



"I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America,

and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God,indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Our founding fathers named us the "United States of America", and warned us all that there would enemies foreign and domestic who would try to take control of our country in years to come!


I have studied history steadily for over 35 years. The reason is my Father & Mother would take us on weekend trips in the car or camper. On each trip he/they would tell all about the historic locations. They made history come to live for us! While on a trip to Grand Coulee Dam in 1958, they took us on the tour of the facility and at 8 years of age the Grand Coulee Dam was amazing and it re enforced everything my Mom and Dad told us about America.


America &/or American's can accomplish anything, as long as we stand together!

While in High School, there was a history teacher Mrs. Pache. She stood almost 5 ft. tall and she was the teacher I admired! Mrs. Pache could vividly paint a picture of American History, she would dance back and forth in front of the blackboard. I never opened a book during her class because of her passion explaining it to the class.


Teachers are great and my brother Danny Stockwell (Dan to everyone else) has been one since 1972 and his wife Cindi. They say they are Democrats and I am very proud to call him my brother!


My history studies have shown me, for 52 years there wasn't any parties in America and I firmly believe our enemies decided to create them!


By creating these parties, they have successfully divided citizenry of our country! If any of you have been to war and under fire? One tactic that is used to defeat the enemy to "Divide and Concur"!


I have noticed something Schools and Churches have in common. There isn't any signs hanging over the entry ways asking those who enter if they are Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party or Independents?


Here we stand at the beginning of 2015 and we can keep allowing chaos to control our lives or we as adults can reflect back to when our country stood as "ONE"!


Or we can keep allowing the enemies of the United States to control us!


Personally, I am voting for this year to be the year of Bipartisan Solutions and the year we take back control of our Nation.


Our nation has been deceived too long by the entity President George Washington spoke about years ago in a copy of a letter I have in my collection!


I know for a fact there are and have been throughout the history of our country Patriots from every party who have died for our Country! And they rest today side by side on common ground!

Trace Adkins - Arlington

Official video of Trace Adkins's Arlington from the album Songs About Me. Buy It Here:"Arlington" is sung from the viewpoint of a soldier, killed in battle and buried at A...

Possibly you have fallen family members also like I do? American Patriots from both parties and many who just claimed to being Americans who now lay side by side with other American Patriots?

US Coast Guard

Buoy Tender

1968 - 1970

Astoria Oregon

US Coast Guard

Elizabeth City, NC

Aircraft Training Center


Rantoul, Illinois

1975 pictured

under a B 52

Viet Nam Wall

Washington DC

Comrades in Arms November 8, 2009

Please consider helping me create the

"1st National Bipartisan Project"

Since President Franklin D Roosevelt!


Please use your professional abilities to help

Governor Inslee, the WA State Legislature, and

Our WA State Senators, Congressmen and Congresswomen

become united again!

If you are teachers, I would like to point out the deficits in the General Budget for Education.


By putting these projects in, no new taxes to the public are required and the shortfalls will be increased by putting these projects in

Eastern & Western Washington!


New taxation will be generated, thousands of new jobs and a new economic vitality for Washington State and

our nation for centuries to come!


Reaching out to you!

You can call me at 509-540-6899 cell or



God Bless America!


Glen R Stockwell


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